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Infocus Securities Australia
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Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd trading as:

Infocus Money Management
Infocus Mortgage and Finance
Infocus Taxation and Accounting

After being granted its Australian Financial Services (AFS) License in 2003, Infocus Money Management has grown to become a recognized financial services industry leader with a network of over 50 financial advisers in offices around Australia.  Infocus Money Management is responsible for the advice and management of well over $1 billion of our clients funds.

Our Company

While the concept of providing financial services isn't new, Infocus's philosophy of ‘financial fitness' is.  After associating with large financial institutions for many years, the directors of Infocus identified a need to tailor financial management to the individual, rather than moulding the individual to the products and services of an institution.  ‘Fit' was born.  Over the last eight (8) years Infocus has developed the financial fitness concept into a leading financial strategy, making us one of the most dynamic boutique financial service providers in Australia. Infocus Wealth Management Pty Ltd is the parent company to three (3) wholly owned subsidiaries, your financial exercise machines: 
  • Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd
  • Platformplus Pty Ltd
  • Portfoliofocus Pty Ltd

Together, Infocus, our advisers, and our team of customer service and administration staff, will work to 'get your finances fit'

We Make Your Finances Fit

At Infocus our financial trainers specialise in developing exercise programs tailored to your individual financial needs.  We can ‘trim the fat' by relocating under-performing investments and superannuation funds, sculpt your finances into a finely tuned machine and increase your financial life span so you have more for later.  We may even be able to help you gain a few pounds in your bank balance.  Think of us as your personal financial trainers removing the love handles from your investments. Have a look at our financial 'exercise machines'

Financial Planning

Put your financial fitness in focus with up-to-date specialist advice.  By putting your finances under the microscope, our expert advisers can help you achieve your lifestyle goals now and into the future.

Mortgage and Finance

Push-ups or sit-ups?  Our specialist Mortgage and Finance ‘fitness' consultants will eliminate the confusion and guesswork and put you on the road to success.

Taxation and Accounting

Infocus Taxation and Accounting specialise in demystifying the taxation process.  We show you how to minimise your tax obligations as well as how to make tax  work for you.