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CPA Australia
With 90 000 members, CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) Australia constitutes the largest Australian professional organisation. CPA advocates debate on accounting issues and business. It provides outlets for training and research and provides member benefits in order to achieve a central goal of enhancing members' status and competitive advantages. Their website is a great resource featuring information pertinent to their goals and the provision of the above-mentioned services.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants
The Institute of Chartered Accountants website profiles new initiatives, policy development and reforms relevant to the accounting profession. A key feature of the site is the directory of employers that offer undergraduate and postgraduate positions to students pursuing careers in chartered accountancy.

Group of 100 Inc
The Group of 100 represents and serves major business enterprises in accounting and regulatory issues, particularly business regulations, Accounting standards, Corporation Law and Stock Exchange rules.

International Federation of Accountants
IFAC acts as an international advocate of quality technical, professional and ethical guidance, agents of change in the profession internationally and to facilitate the development of a harmonized worldwide accounting profession. The website has 5 main sectors: IFAC facts and figures, IFAC news, committee activities, publications and guidance and council developments.

The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
ACCA is the largest UK professional organisation with offices worldwide (go to for the Australian branch). ACCA qualifications are uniform globally and internationally recognized. The site also has links to ACCA branches in Asia.

Australian Taxation Office
The ATO online service is aimed at 3 different groups; individuals, businesses, and tax and superannuation professionals. The ATO website is an information rich and diverse site that is constantly updated with new reforms, policy changes and exposure drafts.

Australian Accounting Research Foundation (AARF)
AARF contributes to the development of legislation and regulation relating to commercial law, corporate governance, financial reporting and auditing and assurance services in Australia. The website contains up to date summaries on professional directives and critical evaluations of Accounting standards.
The Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) is the national association for certification of public accountants in Malaysia. The website offers information on all professional services government standards and initiatives.

Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB)
The AASB (which is overseen by the Financial Reporting Council and both are outcomes of the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program est. 2000) is responsible for establishing Australian accounting standards in both private and public sectors. Its website features new authoritative pronouncements, updated materials, exposure drafts and news about standard setting.

Australian Business Limited
Australian Business Limited is an organisation which aims to improve businesses via advice, networking, advocacy and support. Its website is a useful resource which contains subsections such as "Managing Your People", "Grow Your Business", and "Influence Public Policy". This site provides current information and suggestions on business-related issues, managing finances, employment legalities, and economic trends.

Australian Financial Markets Association (AMFA)
AFMA is Australia's industry body representing over-the-counter (OTC) wholesale financial markets such as financial institutions, bank clients, government departments, educational institutions and the central bank. It is in place to monitor market practices and the trading standards in OTC markets. The website provides information on these standards and professional development advice as well as articles pertaining to regulation and taxation.

Australasian Institute of Banking & Finance (AIBF)
The AIBF is an organisation committed to improving the services and professionalism of Australian and New Zealand financial and banking industry members via education and professional development. Its website provides "Hot News:" from the banking and finance sectors and features a plethora of information regarding training, networks, related products and great links.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
APRA regulates banks, insurance companies and superannuation funds, credit unions, building societies and friendly societies in Australia. The website provides legislative and statistical information, discussion papers, media releases, and access to Insight (APRA's quarterly publication).

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)
ASIC is a government body that attempts to maintain equity and fairness in business. It also aims to prevent corporate crime, protects investors and helps Australia's international business reputation. The interests of companies, creditors and investors are protected by ASIC via their public provision of information about companies. Their website is the source of this sort of information.

Australian Shareholder's Association (ASA)
The ASA aims to protect and improve the interests of investors. On its website, it claims to be partly responsible for the betterment of the corporate direction of Australian companies and deals with issues regarding "related party transactions, the disclosure of remuneration and executive option scheme performance hurdles". Phew! All this information, as well as investing tips, advice on the performance of companies and their shares and features articles.

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

The website for the Australian Stock Exchange is designed to provide investors with detailed information regarding the numerous investments the ASX has available for trading. Sections on the website include: "Market Statistics, Company Information & Research, ASX Markets, ASX Shareholder Information, Floats", as well as "Investor Courses and Services".

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
The Reserve Bank devises and maintains monetary policy. Its website reflects this main function, with sections committed to this, financial system stability, the Bank's payments system and financial services, and matters relating to currency. There is plenty of information resources, including media releases, a huge catalogue of speeches, a publications and research section and a section containing statistical data and projections.

Securities Institute
The Institute is an educational facility committed to improving the standards in financial and securities services by means of education, the cultivation of ethical, efficient markets and the promotion of professionalism. Their website provides an insight into their numerous services, including courses, employee training, careers, and seminars and information is arranged in market-specific sections including one for students, and another for personal investors.

Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA)
According to their website, the TIA is Australia's premier independent taxation organisation. The site provides information relating to the functions and services of the Institute, including their Continuing Professional Development workshops and seminars, access to the weekly newsletter TaxVine and journal Taxation in Australia, and online videos.

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