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Leading Digital Solutions

Kook Web Design & Digital Marketing is a Premier Google Partner and one of Australia's leading digital marketing and web design innovators. We specialise in new website builds, redesigns, branding, strategy, site development work, eCommerce solutions, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM) including Google Ads and Facebook Ads, plus Spotify Ads, and we also offer high-level copywriting and photography services, and secure domain hosting.

Since 1999 we have been providing digital solutions to clients of all sizes, across all industries within Australia and overseas, priding ourselves on ensuring all work is undertaken by our in-house team of experts. Nothing outsourced nor off-shored.

Our clients span the spectrum from sole traders, family businesses and other small-to-medium enterprises, through to large national companies (such as EvaKool, VideoPro), overseas clients (such as Lost Campers USA, Powerpac Group NZ), and local state government clients (Sunshine Coast Airport).

We hold ourselves to high standards and are committed to providing quality services and tailored solutions.

Our Services

  • Website Design/Builds/Development: In the modern marketing world your website is paramount to your success. Don’t risk an amateur with the future of your business.
  • SEO: How often do you click over to page 2 of Google search results? SEO is all about improving your website’s visibility in online search engines' natural, organic, unpaid search result lists and improving your site's ability to convert traffic into leads and/or sales.
  • SMM: Do you have a social media presence for your business? Maintaining an active social media presence using an effective strategy is vital for almost all businesses operating today.
  • Copywriting and Photography services: Personalise your brand with professionally written, relevant content backed up by on-point, stellar photography from our award winning in-house photographer.
  • SEM: These days, online advertising has eclipsed traditional advertising avenues as the most effective way to reach potential clients. When was the last time you read a newspaper or magazine advert, or watched free-to-air TV instead of using a subscription service like Netflix?
  • eCommerce: There is no question that selling products and services online is the way of the future. Over the past decade Kook have helped numerous businesses succeed in the online market place.
  • Kook's Main Goal

    Our primary business goal as we enter the 2020's is to offer web solutions spanning the spectrum for all your online business needs.

    Kook's objective is to bridge the gap between conventional and new-age media by adapting time-honoured media and business principles to take advantage of cutting edge technology to help you stamp your mark on, and succeed in, the online realm.

    Demonstrating Value

    We will demonstrate that combining innovation, technology and business nous can drive your business forward, no matter its size. Ask us how - we're happy to discuss your business' digital needs and explain how we can help in clear terms, no jargon, no tech-speak.

    Step Up

    Don't be left behind, the digital revolution is already well underway. Clinging to using only old hat, traditional avenues, or not diversifying your digital strategy will harm your business or at the very least hinder your business' growth and reach. To do nothing for fear of being locked into rapidly changing technology, or waiting for some new technology yet-to-come, may well be the worst possible choice.

    We have the experience, know-how, and skills, and are here to help you take those steps while avoiding the possible pitfalls.

    We will help you:

  • Reach your online audience, or expand your current digital audience, and convert the site traffic gained into leads and/or sales
  • Improve the management of information flow along your value chain
  • Increase and improve collaboration/relationships with your partners, suppliers and, most importantly, customers
  • Increase your online authority, and credibility, giving you greater competitiveness
  • Increase productivity through reductions in office inefficiencies and tools to improve your everyday business competencies and capabilities
  • And much more